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Welcome to Throwback Thursday!

I want to thank every who has recently subscribed to my site! Please note I'll be posting more updates on the Atari 2600 version of GOLD RUSH™ in the near future.

Let me welcome all of you to Throwback Thursday where I'll be focusing each week on one of the games I worked on during my career.

Today I'm focusing on a little known game I produced at Majesco for the Game Boy Advance - TURBO TURTLE ADVENTURE™, released in 2002.

This was an incredibly fun game designed and programmed by Iridion Interactive, a Sweden-based entertainment company, founded by Björn Larsson. The game features over 50 levels across seven large worlds and includes dangerous jungles, a futuristic space station and treacherous underground volcanic caverns.

You can check out a Youtube video of the game-play here: Turbo Turtle Adventure.

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