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Currently, Dan is designing and programming two BRAND NEW GAMES FOR THE ATARI 2600!  The first game, DAN KITCHEN'S GOLD RUSH!™, is based upon a game he originally started at Activision in 1983 which was intended to be a sequel to his brother Garry's smash hit, KEYSTONE KAPERS™.  In GOLD RUSH, players must search for hidden gold bars aboard a runaway train before time runs out!

In Dan's second game, BON VOYAGE!™, players sail a luxury liner through iceberg filled waters of the North Atlantic while rescuing survivors of the infamous Titanic shipwreck.

After BON VOYAGE!™, scheduled for release in the fall of 2019, Dan has a bit of MAGIC up his sleeve for his third 2600 title, but he's not pulling any rabbits out of his hat, just yet... 

DAN KITCHEN'S GOLD RUSH!™ and BON VOYAGE!™ are scheduled to be released in 2019 and will be highlighted in two upcoming KICKSTARTER Campaigns.

Dan, one of the original Activision Game Designers, is a passionate gamer credited with developing and producing over 240 commercially released titles across 25 platforms.  He is renowned for such Atari 2600 retro classics as Crackpots™, Ghostbusters™, F-14 Tomcat™, Crossbow™, Ikari Warriors™, Double Dragon™, Commando™, River Raid II™ and Kung-Fu Master™

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