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Throwback Thursday!

Today's edition of Throwback Thursday celebrates another one of my Apple II games - CROSSBOW™, released in 1988. The Apple II version of CROSSBOW™ is another commercially released game that I was able to create using my brother's exceptional game creation tool, GARRY KITCHEN'S GAME MAKER™.

During the development of GAME MAKER, it was apparent to us just how powerful the product was and how quickly we could create games with it. I was tasked with creating a number of the demo programs available on the original release including the GAME MAKER version of PITFALL™, which I wrote in about 2 weeks.

After the product's release in 1985, Garry continued to perfect the tool for internal use and added a number of custom instructions to the programming module. Many of these new commands allowed us to execute more complex tasks and access more of the C64's features. The tool was so powerful that in 1988 Absolute Entertainment released the C64 version CROSSBOW™ which was created completely using GAME MAKER.

After the C64 release of GAME MAKER, I helped port the tool to the Apple II, and soon after the release of the C64 version of CROSSBOW™, I ported the game to the Apple II, using of course - GARRY KITCHEN'S GAME MAKER.

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1 Comment

Stuart Feldhamer
Stuart Feldhamer
Mar 22, 2020

Very cool! I have a copy of "Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker" over here somewhere. :)

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