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Retro Gamer Magazine Article

While attending the Free Play Florida Expo in November last year, I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful fans and retro game enthusiasts. One such enthusiast was also there representing the foreign press, Paul Drury, a freelance writer from the UK.

In addition to covering the expo, Paul approached me and asked if he could interview me for Retro Gamer Magazine, a UK based retro game publication. I was delighted when he mentioned that the subject of the interview would be my first Activision game - CRACKPOTS™. What followed was an wonderful hour of reminiscing about the game concept, development and a number of behind-the-scene stories.

I want to thank Paul Drury and the publishers of Retro Gamer Magazine for crafting such an outstanding article about my first 2600 title.

You can download a copy of the article below.

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Carolyn Zorn
Carolyn Zorn
Feb 26, 2020

Amazing talent and article. Can't wait for your new Gold Rush Game:)


Feb 26, 2020

This is great! Thank you for sharing the article!

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