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Audacity Games First Titles Announced!

Great news everyone!

David, Garry and I have just announced our first two games for the Atari® 2600 Video Computer System™!

Our first title, CIRCUS CONVOY™, designed by David Crane and my brother Garry Kitchen, features Andre the Magnificent, A.K.A "The Chameleon", a circus strongman traveling in The Heartland Traveling Circus. As the circus convoy barrels down the blacktop, Andre has learned that a rival circus has sabotaged their gear, all but guaranteeing cancellation of their next show. Now, you must help Andre get all the sideshows ready for their next stop!

Leap from one tractor-trailer to another and search for lost Circus Props while avoiding a variety of humorous foes. Use your skills and the Props to determine the best way forward to solve numerous adventure-style puzzles and state-of-the-art sideshow mini-games! This multi-screen adventure will keep you entertained with hours and hours of circus fun!

Our second title is CASEY'S GOLD™, formally GOLD RUSH. Though the name has changed, the game features even more characters, obstacles and levels as Casey O'Kelly searches a host of runaway steam trains for lost gold. Search the mysterious magic Boxcars of famed magician "THE GREAT RHADINI", enter (if you dare) the Haunted Boxcars built from the remains of the infamous spirit-filled Simmons Mansion, stop by for a quick lunch on-the-go in one of the Dining Cars or take in the picturesque views of the Gold Rush Gulch desert while relaxing in the Coach Cars. You may even run into a few familiar faces along the way, in addition to deadly snakes, crawling tarantulas, angry desert owls, hungry vultures and a ton of other indigenous and not so indigenous creatures. Did I mention the magical mystery boxes?

So please check out our announcement and be sure to sign up at for more exciting news!

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Russell Jones
Russell Jones
Nov 01, 2022

When will Casey's Gold finally be released? Also, are you planning on making games for other retro systems such as the Commodore 64?


Joe Gillette
Joe Gillette
Mar 10, 2021

So awesome!

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