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Dan Kitchen Interview

I'm honored to be interviewed in Bitmap Book's latest publication - Atari 2600/7800: a visual compendium. Additionally, my brother and fellow video game designer Garry Kitchen, has written a wonderful foreword to the book.

The front of the book sports an incredible lenticular 3D cover and is filled with beautifully detailed screen images, cool development stories and fun facts about all your favorite 2600/7800 games.

This is a MUST buy for any collector!

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Stuart Feldhamer
Stuart Feldhamer
May 24, 2020

I pre-ordered this but haven't received it yet - I can't wait!


Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez
May 23, 2020

Recently received my copy of Atari 2600/7800: a visual compendium and I couldn't agree with you more Dan. This book deserves to be in every collectors library. The book also contains a section on homebrew games.

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