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Classic Gamer 74 Interview

Happy 2019! I want to start this new year by thanking each and every one of you for subscribing to my site and for your interest in my upcoming Atari 2600 games, DAN KITCHEN'S GOLD RUSH™ and BON VOYAGE™! In the coming weeks I'll be posting a variety of new images and exciting updates on the development of GOLD RUSH™ .

So stay tuned!

In last November, I was contacted by Anthony Ventrello who runs a YouTube Channel called "Classic Gamer 74" regarding an interview he wanted to conduct with me about my career in the video game industry and my two new upcoming Atari 2600 games. The interview is now live on his Classic Gamer 74 Youtube Channel. I want to thank Anthony and his sidekick "alli-gator" for the opportunity to appear on his show and for his dedication to keeping the spirit of classic gaming alive and well!

Please check out my interview here:, and be sure to check out all his classic gaming episodes. Thanks again Anthony!

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2 comentarios

03 ene 2019

Thanks Chad! Al Miller was a great sport that day. I'll definitely mentioned that story during on of my upcoming panels.

Me gusta

Chad Davis
Chad Davis
03 ene 2019

Just watched an interview clip with your brother on Amazon from a "Batteries Not Included" documentary. Great story how you whipped Allen Miller at his own Ice Hockey game at your Activision interview. This would be a good story for a future retro gaming panel. I had not heard that one.

Me gusta
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