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Greetings from Gold Rush Gulch!

I wanted to update everyone on the status GOLD RUSH™.

In a recent post one of my followers voiced his disappointment that I still haven't shared details of the game's Kickstarter Campaign and release date. My sincerest apologies that I haven't addressed these questions in a while.

My original plans for the Kickstarter have been delayed. However, while I can't give more details, what I can say is there is something in the works that's bigger then the release of GOLD RUSH™. I'm not yet at liberty to disclose the specifics, but I can assure all of my followers and fans that the game will not only be worth the wait, but that what's been cooking in the background will be even more exciting!

On the release date, I'm still targeting the end of the year as the game's cartridge case and PCB have been designed, manufactured and tested.

My sincerest thanks to everyone for their continued interest, patience and support. GOLD RUSH™ will be the first of many games I have planned, and is only one part of a very exciting story I will announce in the coming months.

For now, it's back to working on the railroad!


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