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Gold Rush Railroad Cars

Hello from the Gold Rush Railroad!

First I want to thank everyone that has recently subscribed to my site. Welcome!

Next, I want to thank everyone for their patience. GOLD RUSH™ is progressing quite well as Kasey Kelly and I have been hard at work getting all the railroad cars and enemies completed. Here's a sample of all 47 train cars that will make up the trains in each level of the game. As you can see, some of the coach (green) and dining cars (red) are connected which will allow for game play inside and between those train cars. Additionally, colored hatches appear on top of some of the cars which will allow Kasey to climb down into those cars in search of the missing gold bars.

I expect to launch my Kickstarter soon and release the game in the fall. Please feel free to send along your comments! In the meanwhile, Kasey and I will be working on the railroad!

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